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This technique, to which there were countless films throughout the 20th century and you could say, is the cornerstone with the animated film, is usually to record frame by frame, drawn images, puppets, silhouettes and other objects inanimate, then "simulate" the movement in the same through the projection of that record. One choices to ask curious, innocent, and neutral questions to understand accurately exactly what the other person means, believes, or feels. For example, if someone acts upset, simply ask him/her directly about your assumption so he/she can confirm, deny, or qualify. For example, “Are you angry (upset, frustrated, irritated) about something?” Try in order to avoid questions that focus on “why” because they have a tendency to put others around the defense. For example, “Why are you so upset?” makes an assumption (that might or may not be accurate) and can likely make one else think that they've done something wrong. Instead, try “I get the sense that you may be upset. Am I reading this accurately?” wynajem busów Warszawa